“The therapists at CLaSS were incredibly helpful not only to my son but also to my husband and me.”

— Judy and Alex, Chelsea Parents


— Annabel, age 7


“When I first started seeing Amy, I had a hard time saying my S sound.  We worked together and played super fun table games, a game on the computer, and did a lot of cool art projects. I really looked forward to going to speech and eventually after much hard work, my lisp was gone!! Even though I graduated from speech, I still keep in touch with Amy because she is really nice and gives me great advice.”

— Sophie, age 10

“My daughter came with a friend for a pre-k enrichment class. Amy made learning super fun and I could eavesdrop from the hallway, which I loved:) Not only did my daughter learn her letters and sounds through games, she also asked for homework so she could come prepared. Amy removed the parental pressure dynamic and gave my daughter a love for letters, sounds and prereading. The confidence gained was priceless. She still says she misses Amy’s class. I will return for any enrichments that my daughter needs.  I cannot recommend Amy’s style and substance enough.”

— Maggie, West Village Mom

“Our 11 year old son has been with CLaSS for several years now.  From day one, Amy and her team made him feel so welcome and comfortable. His therapist Lynn has been a huge support to our family.  From providing up to date progress reports to giving us the tools to carry over at home.  Lynn has a wonderful relationship with our son, he truly adores her. From our perspective, Lynn can best be described as a magician!  Their sessions are filled with play, music and fun but she gets a lot of work done with him.  He has made great progress over the years.”

— catherine, roosevelt island mom

“One of the speech therapists at CLaSS provides services at our school for students in need of articulation and language support.  As the reading specialist, I appreciate the time and care she takes to check in with me regarding the students who also receive reading support.  Speech Language Pathologists have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the reading process and her collaboration has been extremely valuable in our students’ reading success.”

— Reading Specialist, NYC Private School

“Our son started going to CLaSS for speech therapy when he was 2.5 years old and throwing tantrums daily because he couldn’t express himself.  The therapists at CLaSS were incredibly helpful not only to my son but also to my husband and me.  Seeing him struggle was painful for us as parents but his therapists taught us tricks to help him communicate and encouraged us to recognize our son’s language strengths despite his inability to communicate clearly.  It turned out that our son had Apraxia, a motor planning condition.  Over the course of the past three years, he has received intensive speech therapy and has worked with all of the wonderful therapists at CLaSS.  Our son is now a confident and happy kindergartener, whose remaining speech errors are barely noticeable!” 

— Judy and Alex, Chelsea Parents

As a working mother, I didn't always have as much time as I wanted to sit with my son and focus on his pronunciation and vocabulary.   Play On Words was such a rewarding class in the sense that expert speech professionals were able to work with him and my caregiver in a fun-filled activity-based setting that felt more like a playgroup than learning environment.  Each week I received feedback from his instructors, where they reviewed exactly what they worked on and sent exercises and fun activities that we could practice at home with him.  My caregiver said that my son had the best time and the she herself learned a lot from the class.   It was truly a win/win for everyone!

— Caroline, Gramercy Mom